Kirsch shines in familiar position

Posted at: 10/09/2012 6:34 PM

 (ABC 6 NEWS) -- The Wildcat formation used in the NFL has a different name at RCTC.

Named after quarterback Jake Kirsch, it's called the Wild Kirsch, and was explosive in every way possible last Saturday.

"It rolls off the tongue a little bit. It sounds good," said Kirsch. "It does feel good to get back under center again, kind of what I did in high school. They knew I was comfortable back there and could make some plays, so they had confidence in me."

The way Kirsch played against Ridgewater, he looked more than comfortable. The freshman shined in his role as the team's running quarterback, chalking up 172 yards and three touchdowns.

"We've been struggling to run the ball the last few weeks, we've been throwing the ball very well, haven't had much problem with that, but just trying to get different matchups, step up, run the football," said offensive coordinator Stan Bedwell. "We knew Jake could do some things for us, so we put in a package for him last week. He apparently made us look pretty smart too, because it worked well."

Of course, it wasn't just Jake that made his explosive game happen.

"The lineman were a lot more physical than they had been previously. They were opening up holes left and right, so I just had to pick and choose. I could go pretty much wherever I wanted," Kirsch said.

Because this was out of the ordinary for RCTC's offense, it caught Ridgewater by surprise, and helped the Jackets win 47-15.

The foundation, though, has been there all season long.

"It's not so much a new offense, it's just putting in a guy that can run the ball better at quarterback, but otherwise, it's the same plays we've been running all year long, just executing a little bit better," said Bedwell.

With just one game left before playoffs, the Wild Kirsch could be the ticket to another MCAC Division Championship for the Yellowjackets.