Mayo Clinic Helps Guide Students' Career Path

Posted at: 10/09/2012 6:45 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- With so many different career options in the health care industry, how are students supposed to choose?

Mayo Clinic is hoping to help. Tuesday the clinic held a very "hands on" career day for students throughout Southeast Minnesota.

Jacqui Dodd is a Junior at Stewartville High School, hoping for a career in healthcare.

"I either want to be a nurse or an anesthesiologist," she said.

Dodd, along with her classmates, was among nearly one thousand students at Tuesday's Mayo Career Day.

"I pretty much wanna go into dietetics, like to be a dietician," said Kiley Deer, a Senior at Stewartville.

The students, from 48 different high schools, were able to learn about everything from flying Mayo One to how to wrap a finger. In fields ranging from nursing to Cardiology. The idea is to help students narrow down a career choice..

"Even if they don't decide this is what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life at least they have an idea of where they wanna go, what they're excited about, where there passion lies and then to look to what does it take for me to get that career when I grow up," said Jon Ninas, the organizer of the career fair.

Students even learned how to give patients the proper Anesthesia, using tools like this LRA and EP tool, they were able to be very hands on.

The goal today is to not just give them a bunch of pamphlets, lecture to 'em. The goal is to get their hands dirty, let them toy around with a bunch of the tools and the gadgets and the gizmos and have some fun," said Ninas.

And while the reasons why they want to get into the healthcare industry may differ, "Um, the money," said Dodd. She and her friends agree, it was worth their while.

Another great piece of advice for students, look for something you're passionate about, that way going to work on Monday's won't be such a chore.