Meth Lab Discovered Near Recreational Trail

Posted at: 10/25/2012 5:25 PM
Updated at: 10/25/2012 5:29 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- It's a discovery that has raised concerns among the residents of one Austin neighborhood. And hundreds of people might have passed it, without knowing of the danger lurking nearby.

For police, the first hint that something was wrong came after an officer got a tip that two young men had a portable meth lab in a backpack.

"They were very nervous, actually physically trembling when the officer spoke to them," said Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger

A search of their backpack turned up items like drain cleaner, coffee filters and tin foil.

"Those items were tested, and came back positive for meth," Chief Krueger explained.

Under questioning, one of the suspects told police of a meth lab just off the recreational trail between Wildwood and Todd parks, near the Hormel Foods Corporate Office.

"So they took him out of jail and to that location and he showed them the active location," Chief Krueger explained.

“Six o'clock in the morning I noticed a police car that drove on the path," said Austin resident Misty Lamaack. She watched the whole thing unfold outside her window.

"An hour or so later another SUV pulled up and there was a couple more cars that came later. Nine, 10 o'clock a fire truck showed up. Then I saw them go down into the woods."

Hidden in the trees, investigators made a dangerous discovery.

"Muratic acid bottle, ammonium nitrate ... things used for making meth" Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger explained.

“They also found a liquid that would become meth."

“My son's 13 and he seen this, and for me to know that, what kind of harm could he have been in, not knowing what it was" Misty Lamaack told us.

She’s a stay at home mom who also does daycare. And while she doesn't plan to alter her lifestyle because of the danger found in the woods.

"I'm just going to hope this is a one-time incident, but ..."

Police say the meth residue found in the woods has been cleaned up, and there’s no danger to area residents or anyone using the recreational trail.