One Vote Win for Brownsdale Mayor

Posted at: 11/07/2012 10:49 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday’s election saw a lot of tight races, but none quite as close as the race for Brownsdale Mayor. There were plenty of close calls.

We were here late in the night, even into the morning hours updating those last minute results, and what happened in Brownsdale is a perfect example that every vote matters.

"I was kind of long in the face for a little while thinking that three votes was the difference and it was a bad feeling," said Incumbent Mayor David Pike. He thought he had lost the race when he went to bed Tuesday night, but there were a few votes left to tally. "The absentees was the deciding factor from the sound of it," said Pike.

A race that both of the top two candidates expected to be close. "I knew it was going to be close," said mayoral candidate Jeff Foster. We asked him if he thought it would be as close as it was, he said, "no, not one vote." One vote it was. Tuesday night's final count, Pike with 130 votes, Foster with 129.

"This just shows why you should vote," said Brownsdale voter Ryan Alexander.

"If I wouldn't have voted..." said Brownsdale voter Eugene Crabtree, "Well maybe it would have made a difference for one or the other to get in office."

"It's just proof, every vote counts," said Foster.

Every voice was heard at Brownsdale's polling site, down to the last word. "I'm glad that it's turned out that way,” said Pike. “I certainly appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens again, I do appreciate that, although I'm not happy with such a close margin," he said.

Though a very, very close margin, Foster says he won't be requesting a recount. "Nope, not going to waste taxpayers dollars," said Foster. Though he's happy for those who came out Tuesday to support him. "Makes a guy feel nice that the community is behind you," said Foster.

Another very close race, was that for Mapleview Mayor. Incumbent Mayor Arnie Johnson beat former mayor Larry Naatz by four votes. The total, 51 to 47. If you missed any final numbers in your area last night, you can check those out here on our website under the Vote 2012 tab.