Traffic Stop Turns into Foot Chase, Drug Arrest

Posted at: 11/15/2012 10:38 AM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Wednesday night traffic stop turned into a pursuit on foot for Rochester Police. The incident happened around ten o’clock on the 800 block of 44th St NW.

Rochester police had pulled a vehicle over when the passenger of that car got out and started running.  Police pursued the man on foot.

When they caught up with the passenger he started to reach towards his waist band.  As police attempted to arrest the man he through a bag into the sewer.

That man was 37-year-old Jose Castellanos Jr. of southeast Rochester.  When police removed the sewer grate they found 1 oz. of cocaine.

Castellanos was arrested for possession, he is still in custody.

The driver of the car fled as well and was not arrested.