Venison Safety a Must During Hunting Season

Posted at: 11/17/2012 7:30 PM
Updated at: 11/17/2012 11:49 PM
By: Todd Wilson

Kurt Krummel of Big Steer Markets on the East side of St. Paul spreads a bag of ice on several deer carcasses.

"2,4, 6 of them that are skinned and one that is not," Krummel said.
Krummel says, during the deer hunting season, at their peak they will  process between 35-40 deer a day.

The most important thing for a hunter to do once they've killed a deer is to properly field dress it at the harvest point. In other words, removing the innards. Once that's done rinse out the chest cavity with water and get some ice in it. This removes bacteria from inside the deer plus makes sure the meat cools quickly.
"Then get it into a place to have it processed, they can get the hide off of it, get it into some refrigeration. You are getting that much of a fresher product back," Krummel said.

He says, from the time they get the deer whole with the skin on it, they can have it done in about 45 minutes. The options on cuts of meat are endless.

"You can get steaks, chops, roasts, burgers. . .The real popular sausages are your beef sticks to jerky," Krummel said.