Four Arrested for Making Fake Money in Rochester

Posted at: 11/19/2012 5:46 PM
By: Katie Eldred

Four people are in custody Saturday night after Rochester police discovered more than twenty thousand dollars in counterfeit bills Saturday night.

Police had originally went to a home on the 1900 block of Valleyhigh Drive to deliver a felony warrant, but they discovered much more.

"We noticed police cars in the area and red lights going on," Larry Strande.

A neighbor Strande says it wasn't the first time he had seen police lights at the duplex across the street.

"I've seen police cars there not a lot, but on and off," said Strande.

As officers approached the home they could see inside a window.

"They looked in the window and observed the individual they had a warrant for, but they also observed some unusual behavior," said Captain Brian Winters.

There in the window were several people cutting up sheets of counterfeit twenty dollar bills.

"We know there is counterfeit money out there every day," said Winters.

After applying for a search warrant police were able to arrest Lamar Mccain, 21, Misty Peterson, 27, Trahern Pollard, 23, and
Dennis Richardson, 27.

In a search of the residence and a vehicle they found more than 20 thousand dollars’ worth of counterfeit money.

"This was obviously a significant amount, it wasn't a single 20 or 100 being used," said Winters.

Counterfeit twenty dollar bills were found earlier this year at several business including Wal-Mart north and the Byron Marketplace.

"If at the end of the day a business does their deposit and the bank rejects a number of $20 dollar bills, that is money they have lost," said Winters.

Police believe Saturdays arrests could easily be connected to those recent cases.

"I'm glad that they traced it down and hopefully that takes care of some of the counterfeiting in the area," said Strande.

All four suspects are still in custody in Olmsted County facing felony charges of counterfeiting and reproducing currency as well as possession of counterfeit money.