Superlarks seek first-ever title

Posted at: 11/22/2012 6:38 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The town of Grand Meadow has about 1,100 people; the high school has around 80 kids; and the number of state football titles for the community is zero, but that could all change come Friday.

"We're one game away," said head coach Gary Sloan. "The goal has not changed, we still don't feel like we've accomplished what we want to accomplish and we need to accomplish that this week."

The Superlarks rolled through the semifinals with a 61-6 hammering of South Ridge that got GM to the title game.

This week could be a little more challenging.

"Their defensive line, their defensive back, their linebackers blitz a lot," said junior quarterback Trenton Bleifus, "We just have to hold their defensive line and we'll be able to pass a lot."

"It might be a little bit more difficult to run the ball against this team, and if it is, we'll go to the passing game," said Sloan. "If we can get the running game going, we'll go with that. We really feel like we're pretty flexible and we're going to take whatever the team gives us."

It's not like Grand Meadow hasn't been in this game before. In fact, Brock Johnson, Bryce Benson, and Perry Stejskal's fathers all played together in the state title game in 1987, and just fell short of reaching their ultimate goal. That alone proves to be pretty good motivation for this year's team.

"It's more of something that's driving you, pushing you to work hard for that team, to get that state title," said senior Brock Johnson.

"He's kind of more quite, but I can definitely tell he wants us to play just as hard as they did," said tight end Bryce Benson, "It's kind of a cool thing to have your dads at the same game."

So it's now up to their sons to bring home the glory to Grand Meadow. And you can count on the entire town will be there to watch on Friday. 

"It gives you that nice feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you look over to the side and you've got everyone in your entire town in the stands, just cheering and screaming for Grand Meadow," said Johnson.