Local Businesses Benefit From Small Business Saturday

Posted at: 11/24/2012 9:50 PM
Updated at: 11/24/2012 11:20 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 News) -- Black Friday marks the start to the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Saturday, small businesses got a part of it. Consumers across the country and in our area shopped locally as part of Small Business Saturday.

"Small business Saturday kind of hits to the essence of what the holiday is all about,” said John Butrum. Butrum is the manager at O&B Shoes and says a day like Small Business Saturday is a positive one for local businesses, especially after a day like Black Friday.

"Small business Saturday is a really important to small shops like ours cause we haven't got the advertising dollars to do giant image layouts and ads and sponsorships,” he said.

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express in 2010 as a way to give mom and pop shops more exposure during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Three years later, Small Business Saturday has taken off and many consumers are supportive.

"I think we have to support the local people and I think that's what our town was built on and our country. The big stores...who knows where they go? Here they stay local,” said shopper Diane Davis.

"We cannot compete with prices of some of the major retailers because they can buy in such large quantity,” said Kirsten Dodds, manager at ABC and Toy Zone.

ABC and Toy Zone participated in American Express' Small Business Saturday. American express users can register their cards and get 25 dollars off if they spend 25 dollars or more. American express said last year, nearly 100 million people took advantage of the deal.

"I had a lady not too long ago, she had two different cards and she’s like I registered them both can I use them? I said absolutely we'll do whatever you need and she kept thanking us and I reminded her, it's a win-win,” said Dodds.

A win-win in that consumers learn more about local businesses and their benefits.

"It raises awareness, which more and more customers saying we want to shop small, we want to support local businesses,” said Dodds.

“You're not only supporting the small business, you're supporting the individuals that live in the community,” added Butrum.