Christmas Tree Farms Ready for Business

Posted at: 11/25/2012 10:43 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 News) -- Christmas is just around the corner and that means the hunt is on for the perfect Christmas tree. Local tree farms are open for business, despite the dry weather.

By foot or on wheels, the mission was to find the perfect Christmas tree. The choices: tall, small, soft, or pokey.

For more than 30 years, Budd’s Christmas Tree Farm in Clarks Grove has provided thousands of families with the green trees that are for many, an essential piece of Christmas.

"16 years, I've been coming here. Even though it doesn't really feel like Christmas cause there's no snow, but ya I mean you come out here and I don't know, it's just a cool experience,” said Heidi Wangsness.

Saw in hand, guests could choose from more than 12,000 trees and cut it down themselves.

“The old fashioned, the real Christmas, picking out your own tree, chopping it down. It's just cool,” said Kim Ellertson.


The strategy is to get in and cut it quick.


The lack of rain has effected trees at Budd's. The dead branches on one tree were just one example.


“We've lost a lot of seedlings, tried to water it, it's just so dry that been watering them this year didn't do much good,” said Paul Budd, owner of the tree farm.


He says the trees look good considering how dry it’s been and says there’s no sense in worrying, he’d rather focus on the positives.


"Over the years, we've been through kind of a generation of people, so families, that brought their kids out years ago, now the kids are coming out with their families,” said Budd.


"It's a Christmas tradition, it gives them memories. You ask my kids and it's something that they have always remembered,” said Ellertson.


With a tree on the back of the truck, mission complete.


Budd says about 500 trees were sold throughout the weekend. He expects to sell at least 900 by the end of the season.