Police Respond to Disturbance Call Involving Shotgun

Posted at: 11/26/2012 7:18 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Police respond to a disturbance call involving a shotgun Pine Island. Now one Rochester man is in custody.  

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office took the call at 8:05 a.m. Monday morning. A woman told police her boyfriend and another male were arguing and a shotgun was involved.

When police got that 911 call, they wanted to determine whether or not there was a threat to the community. So they put the nearby Pine Island Schools on lockdown for about 15 minutes.

Police determined the incident was isolated to a house in the 200 block of 3rd Ave NW in Pine Island. A man and a woman exited the home once police arrived, leaving one man inside. As police were planning to enter the home, he surrendered on three outstanding warrants and was taken to the Goodhue County Adult Detention Center.

The Goodhue County Sheriff says he is 24-year-old Cody Haakenson of Rochester.
"The mention of a shotgun potentially being involved caused our response that we had there and then we had to determine was anyone threatened, what was the nature of the shotgun involved. As it turns out, we don't know all of those answers yet, we'll find those out as the investigation continues,” said Goodhue County Sheriff Scott McNurlin.

At this point nobody has been charged in the incident.  Haakenson was solely arrested on those outstanding warrant charges, two of which stem from Olmsted County.

A shotgun was recovered. At this point in their investigation, police have been unable to determine who the gun belongs to.