Project at Andover H.S. Fights Hunger One Meal at a Time

Posted at: 11/27/2012 4:32 PM
Updated at: 11/28/2012 10:23 AM
By: Todd Wilson

Four out of every ten students at Andover high school is on free and reduced meals.

That means out of the 1700 students, 40% of the kids are having subsidized lunch.

"That really hits home when you look out at a classroom and you think about those numbers," Project Plenty found Ryan Parsons said.

His mission? To end hunger. He says, at one time roughly 532 pounds of food a week would go to waste from the schools kitchen.

"We decided to take this good food and put it to good use right here in the community," Parsons said.

The project works like this, each day Pat Olson, who runs the cafeteria, has her staff collect all the food that wasn't served.

"It's great for us because our food is not going in the garbage can and it's great for the community because hunger is a huge issue," Olson said.

The food is then re-packaged by Parsons. He works with the schools guidance counselors to find out which students and their families have trouble keeping food on the table.

"Our results are 15 families in the community," Parsons said.  

Parsons says, the school is able to give him the food and bypass red tape through the "good Samaritan act," He says, as long as there is a way he will provide for others who are in need.

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