Lisa Haney

Posted at: 11/28/2012 6:38 PM

 (ABC 6 News) -- Lisa Haney teaches second grade at Lakeview Elementary in Albert Lea.

"I want the kids to do their best and feel good about themselves and to be excited about learning," says Haney about her teaching philosophy.

And to help make it exciting, Mrs. Haney has fun tools for them to work with.

"We're very fortunate all of our second graders have an ipad in the classroom, they have a chance to do lots of different things like math, reading, stories and plays and they get to record things," she says.

But with or without technology, Mrs. Haney says in her classroom, one this is for sure. "Reading is the number one thing, I want them to be excited about books and to feel successful about reading."

And as we thank her for all of her hard work, she reflects on the things that keep her going

"I'm thankful for my family that's number one."

Number two -- her kids.

"I want them happy with what they're doing and to be proud of themselves."

Mrs. Haney also appreciates all of her friends and colleagues at Lakeview Elementary.