Rush to Buy Powerball Tickets

Posted at: 11/28/2012 7:06 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The idea of five hundred million dollars has everyone rushing to get their Powerball tickets. Just hours from the drawing Casey' gas station in Rochester was busy.

The worker there joked that they wouldn't be surprised to see smoke coming from their ticket printer just with how often it's been running.

The odds of winning are not likely. In fact you're more likely to get hit by lightning or die from a bee sting. Yet many will still be watching those tickets closely with the hope of winning that half a billion dollars.

"Oh gall I've got to go buy a Powerball ticket," said Kathryn Radke.

Even those that never buy Powerball tickets wanted in.

"No, I never play it," said April Wiesner.

Many bought in numbers to have a chance at the $500,000,000 dollar jackpot.

"We decided to do a group effort, and we got 27 tickets," said Sue Kieffer.

"I've got two here," said Radke.

For stores that sell lottery tickets, it's been good for business.

Just Rite Foods in Rochester says they've sold to groups of more than 100 tickets, and even started a pool themselves.

So what would you do with a half a billion dollars? "From what I hear everybody spends it," said financial advisor Scott Heck.

He says managing that much money would be a job in itself. "You'd have to hire somebody, there are people that make a living off managing that much money."

He says if the winner is smart they still need to stick to a budget, but with that much money they would be able to make some risky investments.

"If you've still got 200 million left over frankly you don't have to be worried about risk too much."

Even with the odds...

"The amount is the motivator," said Wiesner.

The half a billion dollar jackpot is too big to ignore. "Because maybe there's a chance at winning some money."

At Casey's they had sold more than 500 tickets by five o'clock Wednesday.