Million Dollar Winner from Winona County, State Benefits from Record Jackpot

Posted at: 11/29/2012 10:59 AM
Updated at: 11/29/2012 5:27 PM
By: James Wilcox

(ABC 6 NEWS) --  While Minnesota didn’t have a jackpot winner in last night’s record-breaking $587.5 million Powerball drawing, one lucky player in Winona County won $1 million by matching the first five numbers drawn.

That isn’t the only winner in Minnesota — thousands of other players won an additional $939,174. The winning numbers drawn on Nov. 28 were 5-16-22-23-29 and the Powerball was 6. The jackpot was won in Arizona and Missouri — each ticket is worth more than $293 million after matching all six numbers drawn.

The jackpot run, which began on Oct. 6, generated more than $10.1 million for the state of Minnesota.

The $10.1 million was directed as follows:

$5.6 million - General Fund: The General Fund supports state services, including public education, local government assistance, transportation, public safety and environmental protection.

$2.6 million - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund:  The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund preserves, restores and enhances Minnesota’s natural resources, including improvements to state parks, the construction of state trails, enhanced hunting and fishing habitat and research to improve Minnesota’s environment.

$922,659 - Game and Fish Fund: Money from the Game and Fish Fund is spent on activities that improve, enhance and protect fish and wildlife resources, including conservation, restoration and enhancement of land, water and other natural resources of the state.

$922,659 - Natural Resources Fund:  Parks and trails and the Duluth, Como and Minnesota zoos benefit from the Natural Resources Fund.