Feed my Starving Children Event Held Saturday in Albert Lea

Posted at: 12/01/2012 11:10 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 News) -- 18,000 children die from starvation every day, according to Feed My Starving Children.

And when one local teen heard that statistic, he wanted to do something about it.  

Hairnets on, hands ready; more than 500,000 hands throughout the day to pack 100,000 meals.

Each meal packed feeding four to five people as part of Feed My Starving Children’s MobilePack.

“Increasingly many of the meals we pack as an organization are happening at mobile packs,” said Corey Barrette, MobilePack Supervisor.

This MobilePack, possible much in part because of 15-year-old Jacob Jensen.

"If I can’t go to Africa, I can send food to Africa,” said Jensen.

The humble Albert Lea Sophomore began planning the event in April, talking with churches and other organizations to fundraise. The host of a MobilePack, must pay for the meals and with 100,000 meals costing 22 cents each, the $22,000 bill was a hefty one, without some help.

"I thought I want to do this and I want the whole town to do this,” said Jensen.

While the whole town was not there, many were.

"It's really humbling and it's just so exciting for me because not only myself, but so many other people have put so much time and energy into making this happen and for it all to come together is just really amazing,” he said.

Feed my starving children distributes food to hungry children in 70 different countries.

“There's 18,000 children dying every day from hunger and the more meals we can pack around it's only gonna help get the food to the malnourished kids who need it,” said Barrette.

"It's such an easy way for people to make a really big difference in the world. They say like 18,000 children die every day because of hunger and because the meals we pack today, we'll be able to change that,” added Jensen.

Change coming with each small pack of food.

To help donate, visit the MobilePack’s website, http://www.fundraising.fmsc.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1034185.