Pastor Enters Commercial Contest in Hopes of Cash Prize

Posted at: 12/03/2012 5:10 PM
Updated at: 12/03/2012 8:42 PM
By: Ellen Galles

The pastor at Litchfield's AG Lighthouse Church says that Doritos could be an answer to his prayers.  He's entered the company's national commercial contest, hoping for a big cash prize and national exposure.

The cash winnings would go toward the cost of redoing the church's gravel parking lot... a job that's been estimated at $100,000. 

The 30-second spot features Pastor Chris Castillja's daughter and wife.  The plot revolves around a little girl who grows up contriving ways to get free chips.

The finalist will be picked in mid December and the public can begin voting the first week of January.

"First place is a million dollars, second place is $600,000, third place is $400,000.  We would take any of those, we're not proud," laughs Castillja.