Dreaming of a White Christmas

Posted at: 12/07/2012 8:17 PM
Updated at: 12/07/2012 8:22 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 News) -- As of this week Snow fall totals in Minnesota are more than 8 inches below average. If you combine that with last year’s mild winter, it leaves a lot of snow lovers wishing for the white stuff.

For kids, it's just not winter without it.

"I really hope we get snow," said 5th grader Joshua Dyke.

"Snow is really fun," said 4th grader Judith Villar-Lopez.

Because snow would make things like hills much more exciting.

"You can do a bunch of stuff with it, like go sledding," said Dyke.

"You can make snow men and snow angels," said Villar-Lopez.

But kids are not the only ones dreaming of it.

"Once we get that initial blast there's always much more business," said Mike Wooden of River Valley Power & Sport.

It’s a part of our business and yea, a lack of snow doesn't help anything," said Brian Berhow of Northstar Power Sports.

Snowmobile dealers say not only is the lack of snow bad for business, it leaves their biggest customers restless.

"There truly is the slogan die hard snow mobilers," said Wooden.

"It's always great to drive out your back door and ride, still waiting for that," said Berhow.

Snowmobilers are not alone.

"Definitely hoping for snow and hopefully we'll get a couple inches," said Julie Champlin of the Hormel Nature Center.

She says after last year, Nordic skiers are anxious to hit the trails.

"I think we rented skis for about a week."

At Tyrol Ski Shop they say while the ski hills can make snow, it still takes a blast for people to think about skiing.

“Snow definitely makes people think of it and how Minnesota is a winter wonderland,” said owner Kristen Welch.

With a few inches in the forecast it gives hope to some.

"It’s a start," said Berhow.

"We're really hopeful, we'll take whatever we can get," said Welch.

For others it is still not enough.

"We really need a bit more than that and we need it to stay," said Champlin.

Kids just want to see the white stuff covering the ground.

"I would be really really really happy!" said Dyke.

Despite the lack of snow several ski hills in the area have already opened, but the number of slopes open are limited.