Katie Aney

Posted at: 12/12/2012 6:48 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Katie Aney's energy is magnetic, and it is part of what makes her an incredible hockey player.

"She's always in high spirits. She's the one leading out there. She's getting the girls going all the time," said Century assistant coach Jessica Kiner.

"The way I pump myself up for games is pumping everybody up and just radiating my energy," Aney said. "I definitely get a little excited about hockey."

The junior is a star not only in hockey but also in tennis and lacrosse. She and her younger sister Jess won the state doubles title in tennis this year. But there's no doubt, the ice is Katie's favorite place to be.

"I think because it's such a team sport, you really have your whole team and you're with them every day, all season, in the cold rink. I don't know there's something about the cold rink that bonds people," the junior captain said.

That cold air bond helped the Century girls hockey team beat Mayo for the first time ever just two weeks ago, and it was in large part thanks to Katie. Don't tell her that though, because she gives it right back to her team.

"We may not be the fastest team out there but we'll go out there and we'll fight every game. We really put our hearts into all the games," said Aney.