Jack Nelson

Posted at: 12/13/2012 5:34 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- He's always been a guard, but a few years ago, Jack Nelson got tall.

"I hit a growth spurt around eighth or ninth, and I kept growing, and now I stopped growing, finally," Nelson said.

He's listed at six-five now, in this, his senior season, and it's helped create some mismatches, especially in the post.

"I get a lot of good match-ups when they're playing defense on me, so it helps out a lot," Nelson said.

"He's developed a nice running shot down there," Byron coach Kerry Linbo said. "He kisses the glass well.  He has some nice fakes inside, and we need that, because we need him to rebound, as well."

But that doesn't mean Nelson has stopped working on those guard skills.

"He's getting more consistent on his peremeter shot, and I think that's something he needed, and he knows that, but he's just an excellent all-around player," Linbo said.

Of course, there's also the matter of his high-flying antics.

"We talk about how fundamental basketball is important, but if you have the ability then use it, and it definitely gets the kids excited," Linbo said.

Something else that gets the kids excited?  Beating rival Lourdes.

The Bears pulled off the win at Alumni Hall last week, sending home the state-ranked Eagles with their first loss.

"We just came out hot and ready to go. We wanted that game so much," Nelson said.

And it's something they can build on, as they set their sights on the ultimate prize.

"Obviously, the goal is to get to state and win the section title. We came close last year. Now we know what it takes to take the next step," Nelson said.