One-Year-Old To Meet Sesame Street Hero

Posted at: 12/14/2012 8:21 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - Sesame Street will be in Rochester Saturday, and for one little girl it is the chance to meet her hero Muppet.

"It was a one night and nurse came in the room and she had to give Addyson her shot," Addyson's mother, Michelle Zidlicky, recalls. "Addyson was so tense and so scared and she knew something was up...so the nurse took the remote turned on the TV, and Elmo came on."

"She gets happy and smiles and just gets excited," Addyson's dad, Nathan, said.

This Saturday, little Addyson will get a chance to meet the Muppet that makes her smile.

The meeting, though, might be bittersweet. Addyson is battling brain and spinal cancer.   

"it's just hard to see her not really suffer but you can tell she's in pain but you know you can't really do anything," Nathan Zidlicky said.

 Her cancer is called an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, or AT-RT. Michelle says Addyson's case is only the fourth Mayo has ever seen. Kids diagnosed with it have not lived past 10 years old.

While Addyson is already past surgery, her mom said the journey is far from over.

"It's scary. You can't give up hope," Michelle said. "You can never- I mean you look at Addyson and you see an amazing little girl - a fighter."

 A fighter with a ringside team of Big Bird, Snuffalupagus and, of course, Elmo.

"It just made that night a whole world of a difference to Addyson," Michelle said, "and help her relax and know that she could watch Elmo and be able to be happy."