Cheyenne Losey

Posted at: 12/19/2012 10:43 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Entering yesterday's game against St. Charles, Kingsland senior Cheyenne Losey needed to just ten points to reach a thousand for her career.

"Everybody was really excited before she got that last point," Kingsland head coach Jill Thalmann said.

"They passed me the ball (a lot), so they just wanted to get it over with," Losey said.

"The whole crowd, every time she shot, was just waiting and waiting," Thalmann said.

"I couldn't wait to get it over with," Losey said.

The big moment finally came on a free throw of all things.

"That was nice, because we had a chance to stop the game. She got the game ball. Her family came down with some balloons and pictures, so it was a really fun time," Thalmann said.

Cheyenne was especially happy that her older sister - former Knights star Hannah Losey - was there to celebrate with her.

"When (former Kingsland coach) Del (Bicknese) was here, he would make us go against each other, and we'd always hammer on each other just to make us better," Cheyenne said.

Losey has turned into a star in her own right, and her coach says she is just the type of player she wants out there on the court.

"She's a captain, and she definitely plays that role, too. Whenever other players have a question, she's one of the first to step up and help out," Thalmann said.

That way, the future of the program is in good hands, even if her senior year is going by too quickly.

"Volleyball went by really fast, and now basketball," Losey said.