Ethan Larson

Posted at: 12/26/2012 6:37 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- You always know when Ethan Larson steps out on the ice.

"He goes out there and everyone kind of looks up to him," said first year head coach Erik LaRock.

As a three year varsity member, Larson is more than just a good hockey player. He's a teammate, captain, leader, and friend.

"I'm most thankful to have Ethan Larson on my team," said Austin goalie Rainer Londino-Green.

"He's unselfish. He'll give a pass, he'll take an assist for a goal any day of the week," said LaRock. "He's just an unselfish player and a great team player."

The center played for the Triple-A Russell Stover travel team during eighth and ninth grade, which excelled his hockey skill. It also gave him so pretty funny memories.

"We went to Florida one year, that was nice. Well it wasn't nice because I got sunburnt so every time I got hit it hurt a little more," Larson recalled.

Now though, he's settled into his final year of high school hockey.

"I have to learn to cherish it more, it's my last year. Well, hopefully not because I want to play hockey more," said the senior captain. "But it's my last year here, we've got a good group of kids this year, that's really fun."

But the most refreshing part about Ethan is probably his hard work and humility.

"I'm just hard-working. I'm not the most talented kid at hockey or at school, but I just try and work my hardest."