Small Businesses Getting the Post-Christmas Bump

Posted at: 12/26/2012 8:00 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

With the holiday shopping season over, shoppers are looking for one more thing… sales. Stores are covered in post-holiday markdowns, bringing in shoppers hoping to get the best deals.  

"Just getting some last minute bargains,” said Shopper Kim Welsh.

At The Mouse in Rochester, the store was full of red signs marking the discounts.

"We've had a steady flow of people coming in and looking for the 50 percent off we have every year after Christmas,” said Mary Rydman, Sales Associate at The Mouse.

The sales are a two-for-one.  The customers are enjoying the discounts, and the store happy to see things go.

"They're helping us clear out so we have new things coming in,” said Rydman.

"We just took our after Christmas sale mark downs this morning,” said Bruce Dahlstrom, the owner of Hers.

At Hers, fall and winter items are 40% off or more.
"We need to move 'em out for our spring merchandise which is already starting to come in. We just need to clear it out, it's so not going to be worth more next year,” said Dahlstrom.

It’s these deals that proves small businesses are not to be overlooked.

"Usually they go to the big box stores right away early in the morning and they're shopping for electronics and Holiday decorations, but then they come out to the malls and they see us and they look for our deals after Christmas too,” said Dahlstrom.

These deals adding to a successful holiday shopping season.