Red Bulls Dedicate Flag to City of Rochester

Posted at: 12/27/2012 7:11 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It hung over a military base in Kuwait and now it will forever hang in the halls of Rochester city hall. A Rochester flag has special meaning for the mayor and our local heroes.

It's a trip that Mayor Ardell Brede will never forget.

“The main mission of that trip was to serve the troops," said Mayor Brede.

Brede along with a group from Minnesota went over to Kuwait in February as part of Serving Our Troops effort to support the national guard members deployed there.

"This one was special for the fact that we were actually there serving them and making those steaks, it was my job to pour the butter over them," said Brede.

There was another special part of the trip, Mayor Brede was asked to be there by the colonel.

"The uniqueness of this was Eric Kerska is the battalion chief for the Rochester Fire Department and he was the colonel over there."

As a gift Brede gave Kerska a Rochester flag. Kerska then hung the flag over the base.

"The fact that we have that connection having that flag fly over the base, and then he brought it back with him," said Brede.

That flag will now hang in city hall. On Thursday the Mayor and Kerska held an unveiling ceremony.

For Kerska it symbolizes all his community did for him while he was serving overseas.

"It's a year, so it helps you sleep at night knowing when you get home you're going to be welcomed back that you have your job back and that your families been taken care of," said Kerska.

For Brede it was an honor to be able to thank the troops personally.

"To be able to represent the city and show your appreciation on behalf of the entire city, it was pretty special."

Hanging next to the mayor’s office, the flag will be a symbol of that special trip for years to come.

"We’ll see this and remember those few good days when they came over to visit us," said Kerska.