Ann Sundahl

Posted at: 01/02/2013 5:53 PM
By: Laura Lee

( ABC 6 News) -- This weeks Excellent Educator is Ann Sundahl from Southgate Elementary.

"I've been watching all these wonderful educators get honored on the news all the time, so thank you," she says.

"It's very much a privilege to have a kind of positive impact on the future generations and i'm encouraged because there is a lot of hope for the future when you look at the bright children that we have," says Sundahl.

Ann Sundahl has been in front of the classroom for more than 30 years and in that time she has seen a lot of change.

"The thing that is phenomenal to me is the amount of technology," she says.

And like the ever changing teachers manual she has, so are the new faces she meets every year.

"I feel like i've met so many wonderful kids throughout the years and so many wonderful families and parents, I have been very much blessed."