Expansion at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Austin Complete

Posted at: 01/04/2013 6:42 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- After five years and $28 million, the first phase of the expansion at Mayo Clinic Health System’s in Austin will open to the public Monday. 

A short dedication for a project that started more than 1,000 days ago. One that used 14,000 bolts, hauled way more than 20,000 yards of sand, and added 86,500 square feet to the facility.

"It's a great day for the city of Austin and patients that we treat. It's been in process and planning for five years and so fun that much work and the expense to one day come to get together, actually ahead and just done perfectly, we just think it's set us up to keep moving forward,” said Mark Ciota, M.D., CEO.

The expansion adds new Musculoskeletal and Eye Centers, a Mayo Clinic Store, and larger waiting areas.

"The space is designed so that we have more team based care, which is how healthcare is going nationally,” said Ciota.

"It means the ability to recruit and obtain physicians the building is specific for adding physicians and other providers,” added Rod Nordeng.

Serving the community is behind much of the expansion, from improvements in care to the art on the walls. The pieces on this monarch, provided by different people in Austin.

"It's about many, many people pulling it all together and ultimately improving the services that we provide to the Austin community,” said Nordeng.

The ribbon cutting just the beginning to a facility with many plans.

One part of the expansion employees are most excited about is the new cafeteria. The old one is from the 1930s.