Fans, Businesses Amped for Vikings Playoff Game Against Packers

Posted at: 01/04/2013 6:46 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Saturday’s game will be only the second time the Vikings and the Packers will face off in the playoffs. Excitement for the border battle is heating up.

Fans say it with pride.

"I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan," said Ron Holets,

"I think Green Bay is going to win," said a Packer fan.

Border battles between the Vikings and Packer's always generate heat.

"I always take quite a bit of smack talk when I'm home," said a Rochester Packer fan.

For this one there is even more at stake. Many fans like Holets, who's heading to Wisconsin to watch the game, are gearing up.

"It's really fun to go right into the heart of where the opposing fans are so it'll be a blast," said Holets.

That purple pride gives many businesses a big boost.

"When they win obviously it helps sales and that kind of stuff because people want to support our local teams," said Sport Authority manager Bryan Cook.

Much like his nick name, Adrian Peterson's Jerseys have been flying of the shelves all day.

"Being nine yards short and all that sucks, but he's in it to win the game," said Cook.

At Dooley's Pub in Rochester they've notice that the Viking’s wins have brought out more fans.

"Last week was a full house, it was great and most of the season we've had more Packers fans than Vikings fans," said manager Tory Runkle.

With both teams going into the playoffs that just means better business.

"It makes a huge difference when the Vikings are playing it makes Sunday more fun around here and then in this case tomorrow night," said Runkle.

For this match up the stake are high.

"It's even more intense now that it's playoff's," said a Packer fan.

Both sides are hoping they'll be the ones rubbing it in their rivals face.

"I'm thinking we're the better team," said a Packers fan.

"I'm thinking the Vikings could pull it out," said Holet.

In total regular season games against each other, the Vikings have 48 wins while the Packers have 54. In the one and only playoff battle between the two teams the Vikings have the winning record with one.