Elliot Lynch

Posted at: 01/09/2013 10:47 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "I started competitively swimming when I was five-years-old, and I had the same coach that I do now," Mayo senior Elliot Lynch said.

"He's been a phenominal kid, and he definitely fits the sprinter's mentality with that high energy," Mayo head coach Ted Dow said.

And now, as Lynch begins to wrap-up his fifth and final year on the Mayo Spartans swim team, the co-captain is forced to slow down and reflect on his time in the water.

"It's a little emotional. I guess it's time to move on," Lynch said.

Lynch is headed to Iowa State next fall, and the Cyclones don't field a men's swim team, so the Spartans senior will just have to settle for dominating at the high school level.

Last week at the Austin Packer Invitational, Lynch took home first place in both the 50 and 100 freestyle.

He hopes to ride that momentum to the state meet in two months.

"Last year, it looked like I was going to have a pretty good shot.  The week before state, I got strep throat, missed practice and didn't do very well," Lynch said.

Hopefully, Lynch gets a shot at redemption, kind of like when he was just six years old, and didn't qualify for the YMCA state meet.

"They had an opening, and he was the next one up, so we called him down. He came out of the stands and finished seventh overall. I'd like to see him at least finish in seventh at state this year, to end his career the same way he started," Dow said.