New Technology Makes Electric Motorcycles More Practical

Posted at: 01/10/2013 5:23 PM
Updated at: 01/10/2013 10:29 PM
By: Tim Sherno

New technology is making electric motorcycles more practical. TJ Aguirre with Zero Motorcycles says their new models have a one-charge range of over 130 miles and batteries that will last for more than 300,000 miles.

The motorcycles are more expensive than traditional gas powered motorcycles, but the company claims the lack of fuel and regular maintenance costs help make them more affordable. In addition, because their electric, Zeros are eligible for a 10 percent Federal Tax Credit.

Tim Mitchell is the General Manager at The Hitching Post motorcycle dealership in Hopkins, he says electric motorcycles are a gateway to additional sales, "It's really created a new market for a customer that's never thought about buying a motorcycle in the past."