Concerns Over Blood Shortages Due to Flu

Posted at: 01/10/2013 7:39 PM
Updated at: 01/10/2013 7:40 PM
By: Joy Lim Nakrin

The flu outbreak is triggering a new concern that there could be a shortage of blood.

The Red Cross typically sees a drop in blood donations during winter, according to Sue Gonsior of Red Cross Twin Cities. Now, she explains, there is a fear that with more people too ill to give blood there will also be a bigger drop in donations.

In response, the Red Cross is urging healthy people to donate while they can. Gonsior said, "if the flu gets worse we will have a shortage of blood so we are encouraging people while they are healthy to make blood donation appointments."

Gonsior added that there were similar concerns during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak. But they shortage was overcome by an aggressive push for donations from the healthy.