Gun Permits Continue to Increase on Eve of President's Plan

Posted at: 01/14/2013 6:50 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It’s been one month since the deadly Sandy Hook shooting and outcries over gun control have been loud ever since. While there’s a voice for new gun laws, there are as many people exercising their gun rights.

The Southern Minnesota Sportsman Club says they have 100 new members in just the past month. Permits are also increasing.

Olmsted County has seen about a 50% from this time last year. In the first two weeks of the year, 90 permits to purchases have been issued.

Mower County had 250 permit to purchase applications through the end of December. The last three weeks they have had 47. Experts say concern over new guns is driving this recent surge.
"More people are concerned that their rights are being taken away. When your rights are being taken away, you generally show more interest in that thought of that they're gonna be taken away and hey we wanna exercise our rights,” said Paul Glowacki, a board member at Southeastern Minnesota Sportsman Club.

Gun shops said it’s pretty much business as usual, but do add that gun control talks, might be their best seller.