Rescuer Talks About Saving Woman's Life after Being Stuck in the Ice for 18 hours

Posted at: 01/15/2013 6:51 PM
By: Laura Lee

 (ABC 6 News) -- An update on a story we first brought you Monday.

We are now hearing from the man who found a woman trapped in her car in the ice for 18 hours over the weekend.  

Geoff Racette was riding his bike on his way home from work when he noticed the car in the pond. He jumped into the frigid water to help save 67-year-old Nancy Breberg.

Breberg was looking for a hotel when she veered off the road, went through a fence and dove into a pond.

It happened in the Twin Cities suburb of Plymouth Friday night. Breberg spent 18 hours standing in a foot of icy water until she was rescued.

"I didn't do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done if they had seen her, I feel like we live in a great state, we've got lots of nice people here, anybody would have helped her,' says Racette.

Breberg is currently on a breathing tube at Hennepin County Medical Center. Doctors say she will not need skin graphs for her frostbitten feet. However, she could be in the hospital for a few weeks.