Haley Kirkpatrick

Posted at: 01/16/2013 8:08 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Passion for the game has a played a big role in the type of basketball player Southland senior Haley Kirkpatrick has become.

"I think she just wants to succeed," said Southland head coach Bob Sheehan. "She does everything to the best of her ability and works hard. She puts a lot of time in during the summer and tries to get everyone included. She just has an overall passion for athletics."

Playing organized basketball since kindergarten, Kirkpatrick is now a senior captain. That can be tough though for someone who is so passionate.

"On the court you have to show more leadership, you can't get frustrated," said Kirkpatrick. "You have to be positive throughout the game and constructive. For me, it's pretty hard sometimes not to show my emotions."

"You can see her getting frustrated, she tries not to show it but you can tell when she's not having a good game," said Sheehan. "But you can't fault the kid for that, for wanting to get better."

And when Haley's on, she's on. In two big Three Rivers Conference games last week, Haley dropped 19 points in one game and 23 in another. But that's all part of the "repeat" plan for another conference title.

"I just want to win conference and get past second round of playoffs because I know our team can go far and I want to accomplish those goals," said Haley.