Taylor Martin

Posted at: 01/23/2013 7:00 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Quiet and consistent might be the best way to describe Alden-Conger senior Taylor Martin.

"I don't get worked up over things, I don't get upset very often," described Martin.

"Taylor's a lead by example type of player, not real verbal, doesn't say a lot of things," said Knights head coach Jenny Hovendick. "But she's always one of the girls working the hardest in practice and really sets the example for the younger players out there that this is how you conduct yourself and this is how you play to win."

Winning is something the Knights have been doing a lot thanks to Martin's play. Before hitting a little rough patch last week, they had started the season off 10 and one. And it all goes back to Taylor.

"She's just been a rock for us, every single game," says Hovendick. "She's been bringing it every single day, she's been the constant for us. We rely on her teammates to try and play up to her level every single night."

Taylor had to change her game a little though before this year in order to have this kind of success. She developed her perimeter game, in addition to being a force on the inside.

"Over the summer I worked on my outside shots because last year I wasn't as comfortable with them," says Martin. "But I can see I've gotten more comfortable out there. I'll definitely shoot it if I'm open and it's a good shot."

"I could see her working on it over the summer, getting a little more comfortable on the outside, encouraging her to go ahead and shoot that three-pointer, it's a good shot for you," says Taylor's coach. "And now we've seen it in some of our games this year, which has been really nice to see."