Tournament Helps Local Businesses

Posted at: 01/26/2013 10:47 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 News) -- Close to 5,000 people will be at the Mayo Civic Center this weekend to participate in the state pool and dart tournaments. The tournaments are put on by MOMA or Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusements.   

"People love playing pool and it's a great venue and chance to relax,” said Terry Markhardt, tournament director.

120 pool tables with neatly placed pyramids waiting to be hit apart. Just across the building a row of 100 dart boards. The combination bringing the state pool and dart tournaments together in one place.

"Minnesota's been at the forefront of pool in national area rankings for since it's been started, since the league system started and one of the things Minnesota's always tried to strive to be the best and we think we put one of the best products out there for players to play in,” said Markhardt.

Close to 5,000 will compete. There are 1,100 dart entries and 210 different pool teams. Those competitors filling up the Mayo Civic Center along with area hotels and restaurants.

“Happy hours, late night, the crowds have been quite amazing and they're fun crowds,” said Jeff Gunderson, bar manager at Chester’s.

Chester’s Kitchen and Bar enjoying the increase of customers.

"I can't say the dollar amount exactly, but I mean we're seeing an extra couple hundred people a day. An extra hundred people a day translates into a lot of money and a lot of exposure and hopefully that leads to other things,” said Gunderson.

Pool, darts, and an increase in business--a winning combination.

Organizers say the event will be held in Rochester next year.