Freezing Rain Leaves Dangerous Conditions in Austin

Posted at: 01/27/2013 10:53 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

Some are still traveling on what were very dangerous roads earlier Sunday. So dangerous, the Minnesota Department of Transportation advising drivers to stay off the roads if possible. The icy conditions are the cause of a number of crashes in our area.

 The slush thick, the roads slippery.

 "Unless it's an emergency, try to stay off the roads and if you do have to drive, drive very slowly,” said Lt. Phan of the Austin Police Department.

 The freezing rain a dangerous combination causing nearly a dozen crashes in Mower County and eleven in Freeborn County. Northern Iowa also hit hard with Cerro Gordo and Floyd counties reporting a combined 40 crashes.

 "With freezing rain, what happens is you may not, it may not look like it's very slippery and it's deceptive. And your judgment may be off a little bit with your breaking and your speed and before you know it, you're gonna lose control of your vehicle and it's too late,” said Phan.

 “It’s been pretty tough conditions,” said Bruce Kreuthner.

 Kruthner, one of many braving the conditions, traveling from Madison, Wisconsin to Brookings, South Dakota.

 "I’m gonna be cautious, ya know try not to over drive the conditions, drive with the flow of traffic a little bit and just trying to take it easy. We've got a lot 7 hour trip today and just trying to take our time, not to rush it. When we get there, we get there."

 Not everyone can avoid the roads, if you do drive, you are advised to drive slow and with caution.