Lack of Snow, Cold Leading to More Indoor Mice

Posted at: 01/28/2013 6:46 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The cold weather we are experiencing, with no snow, is causing a bit of a pest problem for some people. That pest problem is mice.

Nancy Kauffman says she can thank her Maine-Coon cat GiGi, for helping her discover a problem in her home.

"She would bring them up and drop them on the bed," said Kaufman.

Despite not having front claws, GiGi is quite the mouse hunter.

"They're dirty and they carry diseases," said Kaufman.

Nancy isn't alone in hating mice, or finding them in her home. Troy Thamez works for Absolute Pest Elimination in Rochester.

"Yeah, we've gotten a lot of calls this year. Typically they start in the fall, but we did get them throughout the winter months." said Thamez.

Mice are just like humans. They're trying to escape the weather. Experts say food can also be a factor.

Mice are not only pests, there are other concerns.

"Mice carry a lot of diseases around. Salmonella, some of different mites they're going to carry with them," said Thamez.

Troy helped rid the mice in Nancy's home through patching holes and setting traps.

"I hate, I just hate, I hate mice," said Kauffman.

Troy says it's a good idea to inspect your home. Mice can get in a hole the size of your thumb.