Clean Up Continues After Messy Ice Storm

Posted at: 01/28/2013 6:52 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 News) -- Several area schools were closed Monday as driving conditions remained slick. Those icy conditions are caused headaches for many.

This was not a storm where people could simply shovel off their driveway.    

"Even parts I chop up won't come up because it's so thick," said George Truax.

He says you have to be extra careful when you are cleaning up ice.

"You have to try and stay upright because you don't want to slip while you're doing it," said Truax.

With ice blanketing everything drivers and even walkers had to be extra cautious.

"Just coming down the hill I was slipping and sliding," said Kevin Lund.

An SUV found out how slippery some spots were when it attempted to avoid a plow and hit a power pole in Northwest  Rochester.

"The power went out," said Lund.

But on Days like this RPU crews are ready to do repairs.

"I was just waiting for the call really," Rob Castillo.

The power lines were down for several hours, and this accident was not the only outage in the area.

"Power lines have 8,000 volts running through them,+ so they are very dangerous," said Castillo.

The travel frustrations were not limited to the roads.

"Flights have been delayed and people want to make connections," said airport manager Kurt Claussen.

More than 8 flights were canceled or delayed at the Rochester international airport leaving some passengers stranded.

"It's frustrating we have people that want to get somewhere that aren't getting there, so that's frustrating," said Claussen.

Those that were forced out in the ice had two words of advice.

"If you can stay home stay home," said Lund.

"Make sure you have enough salt," said Truax.

While the roads may be clearing up many of the sidewalks are still icy. Mayo Clinic says they've seen more than a dozen people in the emergency room for weather related injuries.