Hazardous Driving Conditions Expected

Posted at: 01/29/2013 10:47 PM
By: John Doetkott

(ABC 6 News) -- The snow and cold temperatures expected for the rest of the week could make driving extremely hazardous across much of the southern Minnesota.

With the Minnesota Department of Transportation working to clear roads since this past weekend, unpaved roads were in the worst shape Tuesday. But with the ice and water already on the roads and cold temperatures approaching, we could see what were puddles soon turn to sheer ice.
Plows will be out spreading sand and salt on Wednesday, but you still need to play it safe if you’re out driving on slick roads.

First, never use cruise control, even if you're hoping it will keep you from driving too fast. Cruise control constantly forces your tires forward which can greatly improve your chances of losing control.

And if you do find yourself stranded in a roadside ditch, use extreme caution when trying to get yourself out, especially on freeways.

Experts say that particularly with deep snow, the danger isn't only to your personal safety.

“You're probably better off calling a tow truck in a situation like that because you could possibly do damage to your vehicle as far as the transmission or the car overheating and blowing it up,” said Ryan Peterson, a tow truck driver with Midtown Towing.

Some useful emergency supplies to keep in your car include things like granola bars, blankets, and a shovel. Also make sure to save several tow company phone numbers saved in your cell phone, especially if you live in rural areas where you can't always count on smartphones to connect to the internet.