Another Day of Ice, Another Bus Leaves the Road

Posted at: 01/30/2013 6:11 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Another School bus slid off the road due to icy conditions Wednesday near Stewartville. The accident was just the latest in a series of school bus accidents we started to see Tuesday.

When the weather is bad, many parents want to just keep their kids home and safe with them. But they do need to get to school, and often times need the school bus to get there. However, when there is ice on the road, or blowing snow, that simple ride to school could get pretty scary.

Ginger Boyce is the mother of four children so she has a lot of experience sending her kids off to school on the bus every day.

"We just send them on the bus. You know, they've got to get up early to get on it," said Boyce.

Once they are off, she admits she's confident in the person behind the wheel.

"I mean I do pray. Oh dear lord, please protect the bus. But I love our driver and I've never really been worried about it," said Boyce.

Jon Goetz, with First Student Bus Company in Rochester, says things haven't exactly been perfect during this round of winter weather.

"Yesterday we did have a couple that slid off the road, a couple that basically were kind of stuck on the middle of the road on ice. It was a challenging day yesterday," said Goetz.

Despite those challenges, Goetz says that no one was hurt, and that school busses are actually a very safe mode of transportation.

"Little kids, a lot of times you can't even see them when they're riding because the seat backs are so high. If they have to stop suddenly. They go right up against that seat back and they're safe," said Goetz.

But to make extra precautions that kids are safe in bad driving conditions, bus representatives, along with school officials, actually go out and drive on the roads early in the morning to make sure things are ok.

"I was out there driving at 4:15 in the morning, and got back here around 5:15," said Goetz.

Which brings comfort to parents like Boyce.

"I really didn't know that they did that. But that makes sense because I didn't know how they would make the decision on whether to close school or have a delay. It has to do with driving conditions, so that makes me feel better," said Boyce.

Even though they take those precautions, things can change throughout the morning. For example, on Tuesday, Goetz says that after they had already sent out the busses, water on the roads started to freeze. So you can never be one hundred percent sure.