Grand Meadow to Lose Mayo Facility

Posted at: 01/30/2013 6:44 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- For folks who might need to seek treatment in Grand Meadow, they will soon need to drive outside of their community. The Mayo facility in town is closing in March, when their doctor of three decades retires.

"There's quite a bit of shock and I don't think anybody really know that it would be closing. They knew Dr. Gregg was close to retirement, but I'm sure everyone was hoping that they would find someone else to be able to take this location over," said Mower County Commissioner Polly Glen.

A local clinic closing is an inconvenience for many residents in Grand Meadow.

"Frankly, it's a pain in the butt to have to drive up to Rochester just to see if you have a cold," said Sean Waugh, Owner of Toad Auto in Grand Meadow.

While it's just a setback for Sean Waugh, there's another group of people that will be affected even more.

"There's a care center in town, there's assisted living in town and there's a lot of elderly people that don't have license. That rely on golf carts and stuff like that they drive around," said Sean Waugh

At the Meadow Assisted Living, about 75 percent of tenants are patients at the Grand Meadow Mayo Clinic.

"We have to hire someone to haul us you know if we're going out of town and it's a costly thing, you know were on blood thinners and it will cause a problem," said Marge Partridge.

Marge and Harald Partridge are tenants at Meadow Assisted Living and don't have their own transportation. This makes it hard to get to an out of town clinic.

"It will cost you about an average of 60 miles a day to go to a different town to a doctor and come back again," said Harald Partridge.

The Partridge's feel uneasy about not having a doctor close by.

"We may wind up moving somewhere so we are closer to hospital help and clinic help. As you get older you need more of it," said Marge Partridge.

Commissioner Polly Glen thinks there will be a way around that.

"Our community has a way of kind of pulling together and finding solutions for problems," said Glen.