From Dr. Oz - Green Drink

Posted at: 02/04/2013 3:26 PM

Make the breakfast drink that Dr. Oz swears by! This "green drink" is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins.


Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink
This ever-popular elixir is one of the most sought-after of all Dr. Oz’s recommendations. It keeps Dr. Oz going, going, going – and it even goes on the road with him. He starts his day with this tart and refreshing blend of pineapple, apples, oranges, spinach, parsley and so much more. It’s high in fiber, low in calories and even includes a pat on the back – for doing a great thing for your health.