Gov. Dayton Touches On Mayo Expansion in State of the State Address

Posted at: 02/06/2013 10:43 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) – Governor Dayton praises Mayo Clinic’s expansion proposal during his State of the State address Wednesday night.

It started with the governor talking about how far the state has come since he was elected in 2011, but of course went on to address the state's future. Governor Dayton was primarily defending his proposed budget plans for the upcoming year. He used Mayo Clinic’s ‘Destination Medical Center’ as a good example

Governor Dayton started off by sort of boasting about his accomplishments since he's been in office. Which was the perfect segue into his recently proposed budget. He says his plan would reduce spending by $1.8 billion. Among the changes are to increase taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotan’s and updated property taxes. He also proposes the sales tax rate would go down,  but would be added to items over 100 bucks.
Taxes aside, the governor also talked about the need for capital investments. He says the legislature has turned down a number of projects in major Minnesota cities over the years and he disagrees with that, using Mayo's $6 billion “Destination Medical Center" as an example of the kind of growth he supports.

“I thank Mayo, whose CEO Dr. John Noseworthy is with us tonight as a guest of speaker Thissen, for giving Minnesota this chance to partner with them and help assure their world medical pre-eminence for decades to come,” said Governor Mark Dayton.

Dayton also talked a lot about the need to improve higher education spending.