Slick Roads Cause Accidents in Rochester

Posted at: 02/10/2013 6:57 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS)--All of the rain and sleet this afternoon has had an impact on area roads.

"Our weather is pretty strange because it's so warm so just right on that rain snow mix," said driver Amy Phillips.

It's that wintery mix that is being blamed for some car accidents in the area.

"I literally just came in the service, drove from my home directly up here and haven't not been on an accident yet," said Olmsted County Deputy Brad Green.

Green says the slush covering roadways has caused drivers to lose control.

"This is the second car that's been off the road within a miles time," said Green.

The driver spun out and crashed into the guard rail.

"I think the fire department that’s on scene here helped push him out of the traffic lane. He was as understand it, stalled in the traffic lane of northbound highway 52," said Green.

A car accident of a similar circumstance happened less than a mile down the road. A minivan with five passengers slid off the highway.

"He went to move to the left lane to pass slower traffic, when he moved back right he lost control on the slushy roadway and went into the ditch," said Minnesota State Trooper David Hanson.

"The vehicle hit a tree though which is what ended up ultimately causing an injury to one of the passengers," said Green.

It was a minor injury, a child riding in the van suffered a cut above one eye. State Patrol Officials warn drivers that if you have to change lanes, you may hit a slick spot of ice.

"Don't hit your breaks, don't put too much steer into your vehicle. Mostly just slow down and wear your seat belt," said Hanson.

"It's something to be ready for I guess and hopefully the roads are salted and sanded," said Phillips.

Olmsted County Sheriff Officials urge people to be cautious and drive according to the weather conditions. Once the temperatures drop the roads may turn icy.