School Shooting Simulation Drill Coming to Austin

Posted at: 02/12/2013 11:12 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - For emergency responders, it’s the ultimate in hands-on training. Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, fire fighters, ambulance crews and others will take part in a training exercise at Austin High School on Wednesday.

The drill will simulate a gunman inside the school, with student and faculty volunteers playing the roles of shooting victims.

It’s a drill the emergency responders take part in every couple of years.

Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger says it’s a chance for the officers to put their skills to use in a real-life situation, and coordinate communications between agencies.

Organizers expect to move their vehicles into position near Austin High School around two o’clock Wednesday afternoon, with most of the activity to happen in and around AHS between 4 and 8.

A separate police radio channel has been dedicated for use during the exercise, and a dispatcher will broadcast a message every few minutes to explain that the activity near the school is just a drill.