Jade Schultz

Posted at: 02/13/2013 10:44 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Jade Schultz shares a unique bond with her coach John.

"I guess I'm just used to my parents being the coach, because my mom is my softball coach, too," Jade said.

"There are different rules when I'm coaching her, because she's not quite as sassy" John said. "At home, you see a different Jade, but in front of her teammates she behaves, and she follows the rules, and she works hard."

"It's better at practice, because I understand him more.  I know when he's mad, I know when he's happy, so that helps a lot," Jade said, laughing.

John has helped turn his daughter into one of the best players in the area.  Jade is averaging 13 points, ten rebounds, four assists and three steals a game for the (22-1) Panthers.

Even though she's only a junior, she scored her 1000th career point against USC back on Jan. 25.

"I didn't think I was close to it really, but my mom had a big mouth and told me," Jade said.

"It was a secret, and then she got down under 100 and my wife let her know.  She can't do math well enough to figure it out from 100 down," John said.

He's clearly joking - we think - but the milestone allowed the duo to share a special moment when John tried to give Jade an honorary gameball.

"She's a pretty tough kid, and she's not much of a hugger, so I told her I wouldn't present the (honorary) ball unless she gave me a hug," John said. "She kind of gave me a half-hug, so then I let her have the ball.  It was a fun moment."