Custom Ear Plugs Help Band Students Prevent Hearing Loss

Posted at: 02/14/2013 4:42 PM
Updated at: 02/15/2013 5:26 PM
By: Jessica Miles

It's a one of a kind program in Eagan that is helping prevent hearing loss in students.

Eagan High School band students are being fit with custom ear plugs.

The students will wear them during practice and it will cut down on noise levels by more than 30 decibels.

A normal conversation is between 40 and 50 decibels, a full band playing can easily top 100.

Experts say one in five teenagers has measurable hearing loss, one in 20 has significant hearing loss that can affect the ability to learn.

Marshall Rosner with Sonus Hearing Care Professionals says it's due in large part to cell phones, and personal music devices.

Sonus is supplying the students with the ear plugs.

They would normally cost about $75 a pair, but students will pay $26.