Pine Island City Council Votes Down Push for 2nd Liquor Store

Posted at: 02/20/2013 9:33 PM
Updated at: 02/20/2013 10:17 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- More controversy in Pine Island Wednesday night as the board denied an application for an off sale liquor license.

The man looking to build is David Klienschmidt. He had already bought out the property where the new store would go and spent money remodeling it.

His attorney says he was confident he would be approved for it after former administrator Abraman Algadi told him there was an opening, though Algadi told Klienschmidt he'd still have to apply.

The council spoke by voting down the push to add a second liquor store in town.

"They never made any specific finding as as to why they decided to do what they decided to do, which I think is a little unusual under the circumstances," said Klienshmidt's attorney Ken Schueler.

A reason some voted no, was because they said it would take away business from the other store.