Raining threes in Lanesboro

Posted at: 02/22/2013 6:32 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- 85, 81, 61...those are the number of three-pointers Erik Peterson, Kole Ruud, and Luke Rogers of Lanesboro have made so far this season.

Those numbers put them among the elite in the state of Minnesota.

"I was pretty excited because there's so many high school basketball players throught the state, it's just amazing the three of us can be in the top ten for three-pointers made," said junior Luke Rogers.

As of Monday, Peterson was the third best in three point shots made throughout the state. Ruud was ranked sixth and Rogers ninth.

"I was a little surprised to find out how high I was ranked up, but more excited," said Erik Peterson, a senior.

The Lanesboro offense runs around the three-ball. Almost everyone can make that shot, and it's paying off.

"We pretty much run a run-and-gun, dribble-drive offense," said Peterson. "It's pretty much drive in, kick it out and shoot three's."

"We've all been together for so long and are such good friends that we understand each player's game and which role we have," said junior Kole Ruud. "We just play off each other real nice."

It helps also that they have the green light to shoot. Lanesboro coach John Smith has given the whole team confidence to pull up if they like what they see.

"Whenever Mr. Smith started playing us it's sort of been a run-and-gun game, drive and kick," said Rogers. "He gives us the green light whenever we have the open shot. It gives up a lot of confidence."

For a high school with only 85 kids, this is quite an accomplishment for this team. When those three were asked why they think a small program like theirs has such elite shooters, there really was just one answer.

"Each player plays for the team, which is most important," said Ruud. "I can tell in everybody that we're all in."